Agro-food testing

Agro-food testing

Microfluidic agro-food testing

Microfluidic devices offer several advantages for the agro-food sector when compared to conventional bench-top methods. These advantages include low cost, short turn-around time, high sensitivity, small form factor, high-throughput as well as reduced use of reagents and samples. In addition, many lab-on-chip solutions substantially reduce the skill level required to conduct testing.

Microfluidic devices are able to conduct measurements from small volumes of complex fluids efficiently and quickly. This makes them well suited to rapidly and sensitively detect pathogens, toxins, chemical residues, and heavy metals in food.

The ability to automate multiple complex operations in one multiplexed device can enable simultaneous detection of multiple targets of different type, further simplifying testing regimes.

Microfluidic Agro-food Testing
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