Cellular diagnostics

Cellular diagnostics

Microfluidic cellular diagnostics

Microfluidic devices provide the perfect environment for interaction with biological cells. Whether the requirement is to measure the presence, health, response to stimulus or contents of a cell, microfluidics enables an unrivalled level of precision and accuracy in performing measurements on single cells or vast populations.

Typical cells are just a few microns across. It logically follows that devices designed to interact with cells need to be constructed with micro-engineered features of a similar scale. Precise manipulation of cells also requires a highly controlled fluidic environment. This places high precision microfluidic devices at the forefront of cellular diagnostic techniques.

A range of cellular microfluidic building blocks allow control of the cell’s position and environment and allow an in-situ or post processing measurement to occur with little to no manual interaction. This, for example, allows a high level of control be achieved in selecting, lysing and analysing the contents of a single cell, or culturing, labelling and imaging a cell population with high throughput.

Microfluidic cellular diagnostics applications are quite broad and often also incorporate other diagnostic parallel techniques in a hybridised or ‘multiplexed’ product.

Microfluidic Cellular Diagnostics Devices
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