Life-science research

Life-science research

Microfluidic life-science research product development and manufacturing

The life-science research field comprises a wide range of applications centred around the study of life and organisms including human biology. Microfluidic life-science devices can offer significant advantages over traditional bench top processes, such as high-throughput and repeatability coupled with reduced cost and complexity.

Aside from speed and cost advantages the highly controlled environment onboard lab-on chip devices also yield other practical, physical and technological advantages for studying biological systems. Small scale features within these devices enable researchers to perform experiments which are not practical at a bench top level. For example, engineered features at the cellular scale enable precise manipulation of individual cells in vitro.

Additionally, microfluidic life-science devices are often designed to be compatible with other apparatus and instruments making them easy to integrate into existing infrastructure as well as computerised or automated workflows.

Life Science Research
Microfluidic product development and manufacture

Microfluidics | Small products, big future.

We partner with clients to design, develop and manufacture game-changing microfluidic devices that can place the power of an entire lab in the palm of your hand. The products we help create are revolutionising medicine, powering new discoveries and changing the world. The devices may be small but their impacts are huge.

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