Molecular diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics

Microfluidic molecular diagnostics device development and manufacture

Molecular diagnostic assays are typically conducted in a laboratory by skilled operators and involves manual handling of small volume reagents and specialized equipment. This centralized and time-consuming process can be realized in a low-cost microfluidic format that is high-speed and portable. Such microfluidic devices can be designed to integrate the pre- and post-PCR assay steps into the cartridge format which may also reduce reagent volume requirements. The user experience can be as simple as loading the specimen and placing the cartridge into an instrument which allows a broader range of users and use cases.

Nucleic acid isolation

Isolation and purification of nucleic acid can be achieved through automated sample preparation processes conducted onboard a microfluidic device following application of the specimen (either liquid or solid) directly to a chamber on the microfluidic cartridge.


Different amplification processes, such as PCR (end-point, LAMP), qPCR, and RT-PCR, have been successfully achieved on microfluidic cartridges.


A range of detection methods may be used including fluorescence, optical absorption, and electrochemical detection. Target amplicon can be measured in a tightly controlled volume, or when immobilized on a surface (e.g. microarray).

Cellular Diagnostic Devices
Microfluidic product development and manufacture

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