Next generation sequencing

Next generation sequencing

Microfluidic next generation sequencing device development and manufacture

Microfluidics has a leading role to play in the future of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) by delivering faster outcomes and lower costs whilst simultaneously minimising human errors and reducing contamination risks.

Traditional procedures for formatting DNA for libraries rely heavily on bench top procedures. These can be labour intensive, prone to contamination and even deliver inconsistent results. For next generation sequencing to truly deliver on its promise it must be accurate, high throughput and inexpensive.

Microfluidic devices can help achieve this aim by standardising and/or automating significant parts of the sequencing process from sample collection and preparation right through to the final read of the gene sequence.

Next Generation Sequencing
Microfluidic product development and manufacture

Microfluidics | Small products, big future.

We partner with clients to design, develop and manufacture game-changing microfluidic devices that can place the power of an entire lab in the palm of your hand. The products we help create are revolutionising medicine, powering new discoveries and changing the world. The devices may be small but their impacts are huge.

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