Veterinarian diagnostics

Veterinarian diagnostics

Veterinarian microfluidic diagnostic device development and manufacturing

The veterinary diagnostic market can be broken down into livestock and companion animal (pet) testing. In both fields microfluidic diagnostics are leading the way in reducing the time and cost of testing by supporting both better centralised automation as well as simplified low-cost point-of-care applications.

Diagnostics for companion animals is tending towards automation of centralised labs with a focus on high throughput and fast turn-around. Typical companion animal diagnostics mirror that of human pathology testing such as routine biochemistry, immunodiagnostics, hematology, urinalysis, molecular diagnostics & urinalysis

Livestock diagnostics, by contrast, has a high emphasis on low cost, easy to use, point-of-care applications.  These applications tend to favour immunodiagnostics, manual ELISA based formats and a greater focus on viral/bacterial testing.

Whilst end customers may expect veterinary diagnostic devices to be cheaper than their human equivalents, regulatory pathways remain just as challenging. For this reason, the same rigour required for development of a human diagnostic must also be applied in this field.

Veterinarian Diagnostics
Microfluidic product development and manufacture

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