COVID-19: Diagnostics Development
& Consumables Manufacturing

COVID-19 Microfluidic Diagnostics Manufacturing

ISO 13485 | ISO 9001 Certified – GMP - Cleanrooms – Biolab Facilities – Reagent Preparation – Scalable Manufacturing

SCHOTT MINIFAB is the world’s #1 for custom development and contract manufacture of ISO 13485 certified polymer consumables for diagnostics and lifescience applications. Design and manufacture of game-changing diagnostic devices is nothing new to us. At this point in history, however, it’s never been more important.

We have more than 18 years' experience transforming our client's concepts into commercially successful products. Our exceptional in-house design, bioscience and engineering teams combine with our unique technologies to create microfluidic products designed for manufacture. All this is backed by our unique manufacturing capability, designed to rapidly scale from pilot line quantities all the way to high volume automated production.

We stand ready to assist those engaged in the fight against COVID-19. Together we can innovate to save lives and make the world a healthier place.

COVID-19 Immunoassay Microfluidic Device Development

COVID-19 Immunoassay Microfluidic Device Development

Our development team has the specialist knowledge, experience and technology to translate COVID-19 immunoassays onto custom microfluidic devices. Our inhouse bioscience team are experts in assessing and characterising existing or novel benchtop assays for commercial product feasibility. Our product development, engineering and manufacturing teams combine to provide a true design-for-manufacture approach that is ISO 13485 certified and ready for scalable mass production.

COVID-19 Molecular PCR Microfluidic Device Development

COVID-19 Molecular Microfluidic Device Development

Developing and manufacture of successful molecular based microfluidic devices presents a unique set of challenges including amplification, contamination control, reagent management, test throughput and cost-of-goods to name a few. Managing these challenges requires a truly integrated team of bio-scientists, product designers and manufacturing engineers all specialised in microfluidics. That’s SCHOTT MINIFAB.

Polymer consumables and components ISO 13485

Polymer Consumables and Components

Our high precision moulding, bonding, assembly and logistics capabilities can help you secure supply and increase production volumes of critical polymer consumables for diagnostic platforms and lifescience research use. Whether it be development of custom components or manufacture of existing consumable designs under licence, we are ready to partner with you. Our manufacturing lines are scalable from pilot line quantities up to fully automated lights out throughput.

Coated and Uncoated Glass Substrates

Coated and Uncoated Glass Substrates

With SCHOTT Nexterion® we can provide an extensive range of glass substrates and functional coatings for DNA, protein and cell applications. In addition, we also provide products to meet special customer requirements for unique formats, materials, coatings and markings.

If you are engaged in the fight against COVID-19 we’re ready to help.
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