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Friday, 20 March 2020 02:45

Delivering Excellence During COVID-19

Delivering Excellence During COVID-19 Delivering Excellence During COVID-19

We are pleased to inform you, our valued customer, that Minifab is very well advanced in its plans to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Minifab is built on a culture of innovation. Overcoming the world's most challenging problems is second nature to us.

Our number one priority is always to the health and safety of our workforce. In this unique environment protecting our workforce also protects you - our customer.


We are taking a range of measures to help ensure that our staff and facilities remain operational during periods of social disruption. These measures include: Separation of staff and critical business functions; implementation an extensive work from home program; rigorous hygiene and administrative controls.


We will continue to make use of best available IT infrastructure to ensure our distributed workforce can to work together, collaborate with you and deliver services with the same dedication to excellence as always. This includes: Upgraded remote meeting tools; collaboration software; webinar events and more.


We are looking ahead and modeling possible future disruption scenarios, however unlikely, and developing and testing a range of available response plans.


We will continue to update you as events develop further. Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager if you would like to discuss further. Lastly we wish all of our customers, staff, partners and the wider community the very best during this challenging time. Together we will continue to achieve great things and play our part in making the world a healthier place.

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