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Monday, 08 June 2020 01:30


Market leader in microfluidic device manufacture has re-branded from MINIFAB to SCHOTT MINIFAB. The change of name and visual re-brand comes after SCHOTT AG acquired the company in July 2019 and forms one part of an ongoing integration process.

The new SCHOTT MINIFAB brand sees the company adopt the distinctive SCHOTT corporate branding while still retaining MINIFAB as part of its identity.

While MINIFAB has been part of SCHOTT for almost a year, the re-brand to SCHOTT MINIFAB is an important symbolic milestone for the business.

“The SCHOTT MINIFAB re-brand is a statement about SCHOTT’s intention to preserve what makes MINIFAB unique. At the same time, it’s also symbolic of the new capabilities made possible by being part of SCHOTT.” Said Greg Wolters, Head of SCHOTT MINIFAB.

SCHOTT MINIFAB is recognized as the world’s number one polymer microfluidic device contract manufacturer.† SCHOTT AG is the world’s leading supplier of glass substrates for microarrays and microfluidic glass components. By bringing these materials technologies together, SCHOTT MINIFAB is now able to serve existing and new customer bases even more effectively.

“MINIFAB was acquired because they are the world’s number one at what they do in polymer. SCHOTT has incorporated this with its 136-year's experience in glass to offer a combined microfluidics capability that is second to none.” Said Greg Wolters.

“For our customers, it’s the best of both worlds.” He said.

The deepening connection to SCHOTT also brings with it the backing of a 136-year-old parent company with locations in over 34 countries and more then €2 Billion in annual revenue. With the addition of this depth to SCHOTT MINIFAB’s already strong position, the company continues to thrive and grow during the COVID-19 pandemic

†Status of the Microfluidics Industry, 2017 & 2019 reports, Yole Development

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