Tuesday, 08 December 2020 05:20

SCHOTT MINIFAB - IVD Microfluidics Webinar


Session 1 | 9am (CET): Assay and Technology Translation – the path to successful integration into a Microfluidic System

Ken Rusterholz, Team Leader Product Architecture and Development Engineering 

Diagnostic integration within disposable devices continues to show rapid market growth. As these emerging assay and biomarker measurement technologies become increasingly complex, updated approaches are required to overcome integration challenges when combining microfluidic and biological workflows. Key success factors include aligning the microfluidic design and manufacturing development with applicable assay and core technology characterization outputs. This presentation will review these trends, solutions, and how SCHOTT MINIFAB has expanded its bioscience, assay translation, and technology integration capabilities to support all stages of diagnostic and consumable development through manufacture.

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Session 2 | 9:30am (CET): Lateral flow cells made of glass – flexible structuring, assembly and fast production

Dr Felix Dreisow, Scientific Advisor Laser and Bonding Technology 
Lateral flow cells with high geometric accuracy, a high degree of stability and chemical resistance are required for various diagnostic applications. Whilst semiconductor technologies are still cost driving for devices with large areas such as NGS-flowcells SCHOTT's Flexinity™ allows for fast structuring of interposers with high flexibility in geometric layout, fast response to design changes and scalability in flow cell size and channel depths. On the other hand side simple bonding process leads to assembly with high quality and high reproducibility. This presentation will give an overview of state-of-the art structuring methods and shows the capabilities of Schott’s technology on the other hand side as disruptive solution for future market needs and the potentials for cost effective production of glass diagnostic devices. 
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