Thursday, 17 February 2022 05:47

Web Seminar Replay: Point-of-care diagnostics design, development and manufacturing. When outsourcing makes sense.


If one thing is clear as we roll into 2022, it is that IVD point-of-care medical diagnostics have taken on new importance in global healthcare. However, designing, developing and manufacturing these complex lab-on-a-chip systems in a rapid and commercially viable manner remains challenging. 
This presentation will examine these challenges and explore which key decision-making factors are important when considering an in-house effort vs outsourcing to a partner. In this presentation, Andrew Campitelli will address these issues with the goal of helping diagnostic stakeholders make better decisions toward the growth of their diagnostic programs.
Specifically, attendees will learn:
• Trends in the utilization of contract manufacturing
• A strategic perspective of when to outsource manufacturing to a partner 
• Timeline and cost tradeoffs

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