Triconference 2020, San Francisco

Microfluidic product development & manufacturing

Minifab will be exhibiting at Molecular Med TRI-CON 2020

Medica 2018 Dusseldorf microfluidic products

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Point of care device

Think big about microfluidic point-of-care and life-science

We partner with clients to create and manufacture ground-breaking microfluidic point-of-care and life-science products that are changing the world. If you have big plans, we’ll help you make it happen.

Microfludic product development and design

Custom microfluidic product development

Talk to our team at Tri-Con about your point-of-care or life-science microfluidic product concept. Regardless of concept maturity our exceptional team, unique technologies and proven process will set you on a clear path to achieving market-ready product designed for manufacture.

Microfluidic device manufacturing

Contract microfluidic product manufacturing

We manufacture and deliver millions of microfluidic products on behalf of customers all around the world. Our ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified process is designed to support success at all stages of a product's life-cycle, from concept demonstrator lines to full scale global GMP manufacture and logistics.

Briony Cristiano
Briony Cristiano,
Head of Bioscience

Translating Benchtop Assays for Microfluidic POC Devices

15 Minute Presentation. 11:25am, Monday 2 March

Creating a successful POC diagnostic product requires overcoming unique challenges associated with translating benchtop assays to microfluidic scale. In this session you will learn about overcoming the technical difficulties and reagent stabilization and integration hurdles associated with combining microfluidic and biological workflows into complex POC Diagnostic devices.

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Jonathan Salmon

Jonathan Salmon

Technical Manager
Tel: +352 691 207 886

Diagnostic Microfluidic Manufacturing Case Study

Case Study: TearLab and Minifab – A Microfluidic Manufacturing Success Story

Minifab was approached in 2007 to help turn this early stage eye health concept into a commercial product. Prior to this TearLab had invested considerable time and money with another  manufacturer only to be told that the concept was unworkable. Many other microfluidics experts had also voiced the same opinion. Minifab thought differently and now the product has sold over 20 million units world-wide.

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