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This webinar will examine these challenges and explore which key decision-making factors are important when considering an in-house effort vs outsourcing to a partner. In this presentation, Andrew Campitelli will address these issues with the goal of helping diagnostic stakeholders make better decisions toward the growth of their diagnostic programs.


Speaker: Tamma M. Kaysser-Kranich, Ph.D.
VP, Chief Technology Officer, Applied Microarrays

Recorded: Lab-on-Chip & Microfluidics Congress, Coronado CA

I'll cover two main topics in this talk. I’ll spend a little bit of time introducing Applied Microarrays, in case you are not familiar with our capabilities. I’ll go also some the exciting evolution in our own business in becoming part of SCHOTT MINIFAB and what that means for what we can offer to IVD design development and manufacturing. 

Watch Free Wen Session
LIVE recorded on Wednesday, November 10th 2021

Join leading experts in microfluidic polymer and glass diagnostics for this deep dive into microfluidic diagnostics development. The two sessions blend commercial and technical subjects across IVD manufacturing and microarray development.

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Dual expert session: Polymer Prototyping and Complex 3D Glass Structuring

WATCH RECORDING FROM: Thursday, 2nd September 2021

Join leading experts in microfluidic polymer and glass diagnostics for this deep dive into microfluidic diagnostics development. The two sessions focus on how good practices in prototyping and early-stage manufacturing reduce costs, complexity and risk in both the short and long term. Session one will deliver insights into best practice prototyping for polymer microfluidic devices. Session two will outline in detail how laser-enabled glass structuring and bonding can help deliver lower-cost glass microfluidics.



Point-of-Care diagnostic consumable development: Don’t underestimate the importance of biochemistry expertise!

It is without question that the global pandemic has created an explosion in the demand for automated point-of-care consumables. In the face of this demand, the race to launch new innovative diagnostics has never been run at a faster pace. 

 However, significant challenges remain in translating lab-based assays onto automated high-performance consumables. Foremost among these are the challenges presented by the integration and optimization of biochemistries. Indeed, it is probably the single most underestimated step toward successfully developing and commercializing a diagnostic consumable.

 Through three 15-minute segments followed by a Q&A, this educational webinar addresses best practices in overcoming these development challenges by three thought leaders in this field.


Specifically, participants can expect to learn:

  • Fundamental elements of the process for successful assay translation through an early design perspective.
  • A universal workflow for complex microarray development and performance optimization
  • The performance advantages of nanoparticle bioconjugation in point-of-care assay development 


Developing a fully integrated consumable cartridge for an automated diagnostic platform is a significant challenge. More challenging still is developing such a cartridge in response to a deadly global virus pandemic amid market uncertainty and extraordinary time constraints.

Tuesday, 08 December 2020 05:20

SCHOTT MINIFAB - IVD Microfluidics Webinar

What does it take to create a successful microfluidic diagnostic device? Learn from the world leaders in both glass and polymer. 9am CET 18 December 2020. Limited places so register now.