Point-of-Care diagnostic consumable development: Don’t underestimate the importance of biochemistry expertise!

It is without question that the global pandemic has created an explosion in the demand for automated point-of-care consumables. In the face of this demand, the race to launch new innovative diagnostics has never been run at a faster pace. 
However, significant challenges remain in translating lab-based assays onto automated high-performance consumables. Foremost among these are the challenges presented by the integration and optimization of biochemistries. Indeed, it is probably the single most underestimated step toward successfully developing and commercializing a diagnostic consumable.
Through three 15-minute segments followed by a Q&A, this educational webinar addresses best practices in overcoming these development challenges by three thought leaders in this field.
Specifically, participants can expect to learn:
  • Fundamental elements of the process for successful assay translation through an early design perspective.
  • A universal workflow for complex microarray development and performance optimization
  • The performance advantages of nanoparticle bioconjugation in point-of-care assay development 

Developing a fully integrated consumable cartridge for an automated diagnostic platform is a significant challenge. More challenging still is developing such a cartridge in response to a deadly global virus pandemic amid market uncertainty and extraordinary time constraints.

Tuesday, 08 December 2020 05:20

SCHOTT MINIFAB - IVD Microfluidics Webinar

What does it take to create a successful microfluidic diagnostic device? Learn from the world leaders in both glass and polymer. 9am CET 18 December 2020. Limited places so register now.