NEXTERION® Functional Coatings

NEXTERION® Functional Coatings

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Coating Selection Table

SCHOTT MINIFAB offers a wide range of functional coating chemistries for DNA and protein microarrays as well as other applications.

The following table indicates the most appropriate coating for specific applications.

Probe type
Nexterion Coating
Oligonucleotides Aminosilane, Epoxysilane, 3-D Hydrogel, 3-D Polymer
cDNA/PCR Aminosilane, Epoxysilane, Aldehydesilane
Bacterial artificial chromosomes (BAC) Aminosilane, Epoxysilane, Aldehydesilane
Peptides Epoxysilane, Aldehydesilane
Proteins 3-D Hydrogel, 3-D Polymer
Antibodies Epoxysilane, Aldehydesilane, 3-D Hydrogel, 3-D Polymer
Glycans 3-D Hydrogel, 3-D Polymer
Cells/tissues Depending on type of cell/tissue,
please contact us for support
and free-of-charge evaluation samples
Biotin modified molecules Streptavidin
NEXTERION® Functional Coatings

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