Glass Microfluidics

Glass Microfluidics

We offer an extensive range of cleaned and coated substrates for research, diagnostics and many other life science applications.

NEXTERION® Uncoated Substrates

Uncoated Glass Products

Our extensive range of standard products are perfectly suited for DNA, protein and cell applications. This borosilicate glass material is produced with a microfloat process by melting the purest raw materials. It is one of the basic materials for the NEXTERION® coated and uncoated substrates.

NEXTERION® Functional Coatings

Coated Glass Products

We provide wide range of functional coating chemistries for DNA and protein microarrays as well as other diagnostic and lifescience applications.

NEXTERION® Structured Substrates

Structured Glass Products

The growing complexity of the consumable biochip market requires not only plane substrates but also the structuring of the glass. With NEXTERION® PreScora and bonded substrates we are answering to theses demands. We offer various solutions for glass structuring.

NEXTERION® Functional Coatings

Glass Microfluidic Development

We offer the development of customised SCHOTT NEXTERION® substrates, which are exactly adapted to the requirements of special scientific or diagnostic applications. Customisation may range from using a particular material for printing a unique barcode sequence on standard substrates to developing a custom-coated substrate for microfluidic applications.

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