Aminosilane Coating (A+)

Aminosilane Coating (A+)

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Aminosilane Coating (A+)

The NEXTERION® aminosilane surface provides available amine groups for initial ionic attachment of the negatively charged phosphate groups in the DNA backbone.

The coating is based on very short chains of aminosilanes that demonstrate high signal intensities and exceptionally low background noise signals in comparison to other commercially available aminosilane coated substrates.

Produced in ISO class 5 clean room conditions using a standardized process and running a stringent quality control system, aminosilane coated substrates are available in standard and custom formats.

Product Information
  • Coating Chemistry

Aminosilane Coating

  • Shelf Life
    Nine months for sealed packages at room temperature.
  • Immobilization Method
    Ionic interaction followed by cross-linking via an additional UV or baking step.
  • Suitable Probe Types
    • BACs, PACs, YACs
    • Oligonucleotides ≥40 mers
    • cDNA
    • PCR products

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