Poly-L-Lysine Coating (PLL)

Poly-L-Lysine Coating (PLL)

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Poly-L-Lysine Coating (PLL)

The NEXTERION® poly-L-lysine surface enhances cell attachment and adhesion of biomolecules to our glass surface using ionic interactions.

This coating is based on long chains of positively charged L-lysin polymers.

Produced in ISO class 5 clean room conditions using a standardized process following a stringent quality control system, NEXTERION® poly-L-lysine coated substrates are available in both standard and custom formats.

Product Information
  • Coating chemistry

PLL Coating

  • Shelf life

Six months for sealed packages at room temperature.

  • Immobilisation method

Ionic interactions

  • Suitable probe types
    • BACs, PACs, YACs
    • Oligonucleotides ≥40 mers
    • cDNA
    • PCR products

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