Glass Microfluidic Development

Glass Microfluidic Development

SCHOTT NEXTERION® is specialty glass offering various solutions for your technical requirements. Allowing you to reach higher degrees of accuracy with for diagnostic and life science research. 

Customised NEXTERION® glass substrates

Customised NEXTERION® glass substrates

We offer the development of customized SCHOTT NEXTERION® substrates, which are exactly adapted to the requirements of special scientific or diagnostic applications. Customization may range from using a particular material for printing a unique barcode sequence on standard substrates to developing a custom-coated substrate for microfluidic applications.

Manufacturing high-quality technical glasses is one of the SCHOTT group’s core competencies. SCHOTT produces an extremely wide range of technical glasses, including borosilicate and optical glasses. In addition, SCHOTT has great expertise in high technology glass processing and coating technologies. To offer our customers tailor-made glass substrates for their various life science applications, SCHOTT MINIFAB can take full advantage of SCHOTT’s entire in-house facilities.

As longstanding manufacturer of technical glass, SCHOTT is able to maintain thorough control over all processing steps- starting with the initial glass production and ending with the product delivery. All NEXTERION® products are manufactured according to the most stringent industry standards, guaranteeing that customers receive the highest quality and most reproducible products.


The SCHOTT group produces several hundred different types of glass. The range of glass thicknesses available is very wide, ranging from 30 µm up to 254 mm depending on the glass type.

The typical glass types used for life science products include:

  • BOROFLOAT® 33 borosilicate glass
  • D263 family borosilicate glass

If another type of material is required for your application, please contact us.

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