Microfluidic product manufacturing

Microfluidic product manufacturing

Whether it be thousands of units or millions, the true power of a product lies in its ability to reach out en mass and change people's lives.

New Product Manufacturing

New product manufacturing

We have over 16 years' experience in manufacturing ground-breaking precision microfluidic products through ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified processes. Our flexible staged development approach allows you to engage with us at any point in the product development cycle from initial concept through to advanced prototype. 

Concept to manufacture

Partner with our exceptional design and development team to develop and manufacture your product from the ground up.

Prototype to manufacture

Transform your advanced prototype into a Designed-for-Manufacture product ready for our production line.

Diagnositic Device Manufacturing Partner

Manufacturing partner

Outsource manufacture of your existing in-market product to optimise your strategic, financial, technical or regulatory position. Our agile product lines produce millions of microfluidic products for customers around the world every year.

Second source manufacturing partner

Expand, optimise and secure your product supply by establishing new manufacturing lines for existing products.

Outsourced manufacturing partner

Fully outsource your manufacturing and logistics to free up capital, resources and time to reinvest in your core business or new opportunities.
Manufacturing Capabilities

Our capabilities

Outplay the competition with faster speed to market backed by scalable mass manufacturing efficiency. Our ISO 9001 and 13485 manufacturing capability is agile enough to exceed your needs regardless of product complexity or production volume.

Think big and we'll partner with you to make it happen.