New product manufacturing

Polymer product manufacturing

Great ideas are hard to nurture and easy to thwart. We are the fertile ground and safe pair of hands where concepts become real things.

Microfluidic device development

Concept to manufacture

Bring us your microfluidic concept and we'll partner with you to make it happen.

Our experienced team has over 16 years' experience realising complex microfluidic products with rapid translation of design concepts into working prototypes and small or large-scale manufacturing in an ISO 13485 certified process. Our flexible staged development plan allows you to engage with us at any point in the product development cycle.

We understand speed to market

We demonstrate and prove microfluidic design concepts faster so you can accelerate product commercialisation. Continuous progress monitoring assesses and manages risk while optimising requirements, to meet changing business needs and technical milestones. Our design-for-manufacture approach ensures your products can transition from prototype to high volumes simply and at low cost.

Microfluidic device prototype manufacture

Prototype to manufacture

Our integrated design, engineering, bioscience and manufacturing team will rapidly assess, optimise and commercialise your microfluidic device prototype for market.

Our flexible staged development process is perfectly suited to taking established, working prototypes and translating them for manufacture. Using design-for-manufacture principals we will rapidly assess the market readiness of your product giving you accurate advice on cost-of-goods, time to market, regulatory issues and recommended manufacturing strategies.

This is backed by our agile manufacturing infrastructure capable of transitioning your product from low volume demonstrator runs through to high volume automated production as market demand grows.

point of care device manufacturing

Second source manufacturing partner

We can help you expand, optimise and secure your product supply by establishing new manufacturing lines for your existing products within our ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified facility. Working with us as an additional supplier can provide a pathway to fortify continuity and security of supply, reduce cost-of-goods and increase manufacturing volumes.

When establishing this new manufacturing capacity, we can also assist with improvement of your product through our product development and Design-for-Manufacture capability.

Introducing us into your manufacturing mix can also form part of a pathway to achieve improved commercial structures including future transitions away from existing supply arrangements.
Microfluidic device manufacturing

Outsourced manufacturing partner

Focus on your core business by fully outsourcing manufacturing and logistics to those who do it best.  Free up capital, resources and time to reinvest in the innovation and technology that will move your business to the next level.
Benefit from our economy of scale without the CAPEX investment by partnering with an organisation delivering millions of parts globally every year. Be agile with scalable volume structures designed to enable transition throughout the product life-cycle from low volume pilot lines to fully automated manufacture.

Whilst we focus on delivering your current in-market product we can also partner with you to develop your next generation design as part of an overall DFM strategy.

Think big and we'll partner with you to make it happen.