Translating biochemical processes to microfluidic format is a complex endeavour - integrating science, micro-engineering and commercial manufacturing.


We understand your assay - and then some

We know that understanding your assay is critical to creating a successful microfluidic point-of-care device, but that's just the beginning.  Adaptation of biochemical processes to a microfluidic format is not a straightforward or predictable process of just scaling down each assay step. It is a complex endeavour interfacing biochemistry with micro-engineering, manufacturing automation, supply-chain logistics, regulatory constraints, commercial concerns and more.

Our in-house bioscience capability is dedicated to solving these complex problems in order to translate your science into real world products destined for commercial success.

Microfluidic assay commercialisation

The key challenge of developing practical microfluidic point-of-care diagnostic tools is to successfully integrate assay chemistry with microfluidics, hardware and software. This requires an in-depth understanding of the assay workflow to ensure the developed product is fit for purpose.

lab on chip assay development

Assay development

If you have an assay concept that is not fully verified, we can assist with the additional development required to finalise the workflow.

Point of care product assay translation

Assay translation

Our assay translation process will take your fully defined and functioning bench-top assay and adapt it to microfluidic scale.
Microfluidic assay transfer

Assay transfer

If your assay is already functioning in a microfluidic environment our team can partner with you to transfer this to a manufacturable product.

Microfluidic device development and manufacture

Choose the bio experts

Our  dedicated team of scientists provide technical expertise and guidance on the adaptation and transfer of biological assays and systems onto microfluidic platforms through understanding the impact of the micro-engineered environment on each biological assay step.

Our team has expertise in assay development and translation across molecular, cellular and immunological applications including PCR, ELISA, antibody conjugation, cell cultures, reagent spotting and fluorescence microscopy. This team works closely with engineers and stakeholders throughout product development process guiding assay translation activities such as sample preparation, assay reaction(s) between sample and reagents, and analyte detection.

Think big and we'll partner with you to make it happen.