Design for Manufacture

Design for Manufacture

Design for manufacture distills simplicity from complexity resulting in an elegant design ready for mass production.

Integrated team = Integrated design

Design for manufacture requires continual collaboration between those making decisions about product design, those who'll manufacture it and those who'll deliver it to the customer. Having all of these capabilities integrated in-house allows us to approach DFM in ways others cannot match.

Design for Manufacture prtoduct development

DFM product development

From the first moment we come into contact with your concept we're calculating ways to turn it into a manufacturing success. Through our stage-gated engagement model you can partner with us at any point of concept maturity and realise the advantages of a true DFM approach.

Microfouidic product design

Optimise your in-market product

We can help you improve your existing in-market product with DFM optimisation, helping you take advantage of high-volume manufacturing processes that may not have been addressed in the original design. This can substantially reduce manufacturing complexity and cost of goods whilst improving product quality.

Our core DFM principals

Our DFM approach has been developed to allow fast translation of concepts and early design prototypes into reliable, marketable microfluidic products at the lowest cost possible. Central to this capability is a library of design solutions that are matched to scalable manufacturing processes and supported by data from products that are, today, trusted by end users. This DFM approach is built around four core principles:

Design for manufacture parts

Reduced number
of parts

By reducing the number of materials and components contained within the Bill of Materials (BOM) the number of manufacturing process steps can also be reduced along with the complexity of the supply chain.

Design for manufacture reagent blister

Leverage existing solutions

By re-using preferred materials, existing designs and established manufacturing processes we can reduce the risk profile of new product development and prevent the need for lengthy and costly development activities.

design for manufacture

Design compatibility

When we can’t leverage an existing design solution, then we ensure it is aligned with existing manufacturing process. This way we understand the constraints and challenges posed by manufacturing in high volumes and design with this in mind from the outset.

Design for manufacture controls

Appropriate controls

Manufacturing controls are vital to ensure the product meets specification, every time. Managing design so that these controls do not over-complicate the manufacturing process requires experience.

Think big and we'll partner with you to make it happen.